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From Serial Job Seeker to Successful VA – What I Learnt from Job Hopping

From Serial Job Seeker to Successful VA – What I Learnt from Job Hopping

Posted by sallytodd in About Me, General News 04 Jun 2020

I was that kid at school who never knew what I wanted to do, no burning passion to be a doctor, scientist or teacher. I saw little point in continuing to study just for the sake of going to university. I am a home girl anyway and going away was never really going to work, so I went out into the big wide world of work. “Do a few jobs”, my parents suggested, “see what you like”.  I did A LOT of jobs. Someone once even called me a serial job seeker. I was mortified. Is that what people thought of me?  It couldn’t be a good thing, right?  Wrong!

It took me many years of working, in many different roles, to realise that as I moved from job to job, (some may call this job hopping) I was building an impressive toolkit of skills and experience, which would someday provide me with the perfect grounding to becoming a successful Virtual Assistant. I found my thing – it just took me a while to get here.


You may have already checked out my toolkit on the website, but there are additional benefits of working with someone like me. 

As a savvy business owner, I am sure you will appreciate the following additional attributes:

I am used to being the new girl. This means am happy to walk in blind to most situations and cope professionally, figuring things out and quickly.  Learning on the job is normal for someone like me and I thrive on this, having the confidence to try new things.  I get stuck in and learn as I go.


Many changes in my working history have been intentional but some have been unavoidable. Actually, the unavoidable ones are where I have learnt to be resilient and resourceful in seeking out and securing new opportunities. In the 30 years I have been working I have never actually been out of work.

It will be no surprise that I have worked under various managers in my career and I have been adaptable to their many management styles, some extremely different from one to the next. Being able to quickly understand how different people work and adapt accordingly is essential when working with a portfolio of clients.

A door never really closes as far as I am concerned.  They are always left open.  Having worked in many roles I’ve met a lot of people and I never really lose touch.  I am still in touch today with people I have worked with 25 years ago. Apart from making me sound really old, it means I am well connected with a large network of professionals whom I can draw from for support, advice and new ideas – things every successful business will value.

I have seen many ideas, projects, processes and plans follow a path of success or a rocky stumble to failure. What you experience in the past you learn from in the future. My insights to successes and failures are a lesson already learnt for your business.

Hire someone who has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Someone who can share their insight and isn’t fazed by numerous changes in an ever-evolving business environment.

Hire me.

Get in touch for an informal discussion about how I can help support your business.

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