What is a Virtual Assistant?

In a nutshell, a virtual assistant is a personal assistant/office administrator who provides a business administration service who works remotely, and is usually self-employed.

Why use a Virtual Assistant?

All businesses, but particularly small businesses, strive to work efficiently to keep operating costs to a minimum. The practicality of hiring a VA means there is no need to take additional office space, it saves on the costs of employing a permanent member of staff and, as a VA is often used to carrying out this type of work, they can normally whip through tasks in much less time than you could do it yourself.  You will normally pay for a VA by time ensuring you are only paying for the time they actually work and not coffee breaks, lunch breaks, toilet breaks, a break to chat….

Why use me?

Having spent the majority of my career working in Customer Service roles across a number of industries, I have a broad understanding and flexible approach to working with a variety of businesses.  There are a number of natural qualities a person needs to be able to offer outstanding customer service – delivering it seamlessly without getting ruffled, even in the face of pressure, requires a serious tool kit of skills and attributes that maximise efficiency and facilitate a cool calm approach.

With a flair for outstanding organisation, efficient administration and sharp co-ordination I have focused my career on providing these services to small businesses who need a little extra support.

briefcaseMy tool kit contains:

A professional approach

Absolute discretion

Accurate work with attention to detail

Efficient organisation

Effective communication

Self motivation and dedication

                                                                                                                                                Hiring a VA like me can release you to concentrate on what you do best and maximise your time on growing your business.